How to know if a third party app is reading your gmail inbox and how to disable gmail access.

How to disable third-party apps from accessing your gmail

How to disable third-party apps from accessing your Gmail
Many people have fallen into the bad hands of people who get into their Gmail inbox and access their private messages. know how to disable your Gmail from people or any third party accessing your inbox

In the previous years, Google was criticized for accessing users’ inbox to show them relevant ads. So the search giant Google stopped that practices, but the ability for third-party apps to look into people’s Gmail inbox still remained.

In the recent analyses have shown that not just the computers and apps, even third-party developers are able to read people’s emails without the users subscribing to them and also the practice doesn’t happen without the explicit consent of the users which doesn’t mention that the data accessed would be viewed by human eyes.

Google has also clarified that Gmail access to third party apps isn’t given without them being subjected to a thorough investigation and approval process.

Nevertheless, they might be some tricky persons trying to access your Gmail. But taking an extra step and measures towards your privacy and security is mandatory and a responsibility. You can find out what applications can look into your Gmail inbox.

How To Disable Apps/Persons From Accessing Your Gmail
Every setting associated to your Google account can be managed by visiting the My Account page. There you can find what third-party apps are connected to your Google account and what kind of data they’ve access to.

Pay close attention to the steps

  1. Sign-in to your Google account and go to the My Account page.
  2. Under Sign-in & security, click on Apps with account access.

  3. On the page, click on Manage Apps.

  4. Now, a list of all the apps (Google and non-Google) having access to your account is displayed. The level of permissions they’ve have is also shown.

  5. You can click on any app name to expand it and view what it can do with the permissions and when it was granted.
  6. Next, click on Remove Access to revoke all the permissions given to the particular app.

By following these steps will disable Gmail access for third-party apps. But you should also keep in mind that pulling the permissions may affect the normal operation of some apps that require Google services to work. For instance, if you’re using a Calendar app with your Google account, it should have read and write permission to edit your Google calendar.

Have full control of your Google account, it’s yours so no need of sharing your password and login details to anybody

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