Most Popular CMS in 2018

Most Popular CMS in 2018
Most Popular CMS in 2018

According to recent surveys and experiments, it’s believed that there are more than two billion websites online. Therefore Closely one billion plus websites are built with most of the Content Management Systems around.

  • A CMS is a piece of online software that enables anyone to build a working website without having to get their hands dirty under the hood, tinkering with all the code. In fact, no coding or programming knowledge is required in order to build/run a website based on a CMS.

So Today I decide to write on the Most popular CMS in 2018, so I believe you know most of them but maybe don’t know how popular they are.

Most Popular CMS one by One

WordPress: WordPress still ranks as the most popular Cms over the years. The number of active sites tracked: 26,701,222 and popular sites like BBC America, The Rolling Stones, Techcrunch are built with WordPress.

Joomla: From investigations, Joomla seems to be ranked second most popular CMS in 2018. The number of active sites tracked: 2,009,717 and sites like OpenVPN, Holiday Inn Express are built with Joomla.

Drupal: This very CMS is diving way hard to the most popular CMS from my personal experience, Number of active sites tracked: 964,820 and sites like Harvard University, are built with Drupal.

Blogger: Once was a rival to WordPress but didn’t meet standard Number of active sites tracked: 758,571 and sites like Blogger Buzz, WEB UPD8, Hyperbole and a Half are created with blogger.

Shopify: Being recently used and people compare it to WordPress but personally don’t know whyThe number of active sites tracked: 605,506 and sites like  WaterAidThe EconomistSunday SomewherePenguin Books and many more are created with  Shopify.

Want to know about WordPress in blogging?

When it comes to blogging, there really can only be one winner, and that winner is WordPress. WordPress dominates the web on all levels. Apart from the simple fact that WordPress runs 30% of all websites in existence, it rules the blogging space even more.

WordPress is mostly used by bloggers.

  • WordPress – 89.3%
  • Blogger – 5.9%
  • MovableType – 0.1%
  • Ghost – 0.1%
  • Tumblr – sub 0.1%
  • Blog Engine – sub 0.1%
  • Medium – sub 0.1%
  • Posthaven – sub 0.1%

Personally, I have been using WordPress in most of the web developments i do with WordPress. So if you are interested in blogging you trWordPressss out, it is quite cool.



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