Tech meet-up organizations have been set by different young tech individuals in some states here in Nigeria, with the aim of coming together sharing ideas, information, and skills relating to tech in order to grow a good atmosphere of technology in Nigeria.

So today I want to mention few tech organizations and meet-ups in some various states of Nigeria.

WordPress Nigeria Meetups

WordPress, one of the popularly used CMS (content management system) worldwide have its organization/meet-ups of tech skilled sets of individuals around the states of Nigeria, private individuals and sets individuals came together to set this meet-up platforms in states like

  • Lagos: WordPress Lagos/meet-ups

This was set up by Mary job and other individuals who frequently organize meet-ups in                                      Lagos state, the meet-up is mostly for WordPress users and tech knowledge on things like                              SEO (search engine optimization), Site management and the rest.

So if you are within Lagos state and wish to join them or even far away but wants to join                                     them in any of the meet-ups and workshops, You can get to them through




To my best of knowledge, wordpress lagos is piloting the setting up of other wordpress meet-                         ups in other states of Nigeria. WordPress lagos have numerous of other programs they                                     attached to themselves  to be the best in technology field. Join them and know more.

  • Abeokuta: WordPress Abeokuta/meet-ups

People living in Abeokuta now adopted the same idea of the WordPress lagos, to serve the                             same interest of coming together, sharing ideas in wordpress technical issues and other tech                         related. I think they were officially lunched in 2017. If you reside within or outside Abeokuta,                         you can as well be part of this people and as well join them on




Also there are many more other wordpress meet-ups in some states not mentioned, I don’t really have idea about them and they have not been officially lunched, but you can find out more in WordPress Nigeria. 

You can as well join their forth-coming word camp in lagos for 2019


This another Tech meet-ups/organization here in Nigeria bring together both experts and beginners of various tech fields like web developers, android developer, web designers, bloggers and many more other tech skills individuals to share, educate and offer opportunities to themselves for better technological Atmosphere of the country. With them you can get more in details of other tech meetups in Nigeria. Check them out on


Facebook page Name: Tech meetups Nigeria



Though not entirely dealing on tech but one of their objective is on tech innovation aside other things they do, they conduct seminars, workshops and meet-ups bring both novice and experts of the technology field to tutor beginners of tech relating. I once attended it and was a huge experience on my side. You too can be part of them by joining their meet-ups/conference, seminars and many other things they offer through

Facebook group name: Startup Anambra

Website Url:

Whatsapp: They hold numerous tech conferences in the east of Nigeria, Anambra state to be precise.

Join anyone of them today and get to know more of other tech meet-ups to learn more things happening in the IT industry of Nigeria. Explore and never give chances of being illiterate of the technology world now.

You can as well share your own suggestions below at the comment box!!


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