A Nigerian Web Designer, Resigned Nairaland

A Nigerian Web Designer, Resigned Nairaland
A Nigerian Web Designer, Resigned Nairaland

A Nigerian UI (User Interface)/UX (User Experience) Designer Gbolahan Fawale redesigned the look of Nairaland.

“This won’t be the first redesign of nairaland ever done, might not be the last as well, but this a lot different from what we have seen in the past, both the UI and UX were improved on. “

Gbolahan Fawale Said

Gbolahan Fawale is a big time web designer who have strong UI/UX special skills, he is a passionate individual that engage so much in creating Local Tech meetups within Nigeria.

Nairaland Redesign
Nairaland Redesign

Nairaland is one of the most popular Content forum in Nigeria and the most visited sites in where people get a whole lot of information.

This will be a great deal and also will attract more users to nairaland if they used adopt this design made for better user experience of the registered users and visitors as well.

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Before now, many attempts have been made to reach the founder of Nairaland to make this popular site a more standard one with the User interface look of the present time, but to no avail. Numerous web designers have made series of designs that suits the website of the 21st Century but this very design by Gbolahan Fawale seem very different.

Chances are there that Seun Osewa the Founder of Nairaland might consider redesigning the interface of the Famous Internet forum which is said to be another way of getting more visitors and registered users.

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