How Education Abroad Can Improve Local Technology

\Have you ever thought about how international education and studentship could improve local technology? Well, you may not have thought about this but this article would provoke you to do so.

In my country, when I travel around states, I notice that people do things more differently that I normally used to imagine. Truly, you can’t completely learn about people living in locations other than yours just online.

When students travel out of their country to study in some other foreign country, they learn about an environment that is in many ways different from what they have at home.

This exposure stretches to new culture, language, habits, business, fashion, technology, etc. and this possibly interests the students and he or she would want to replicate one or two of these in his own country home.

Technology being the talk of the day is the fastest growing business in the world today and it is used differently in different countries of the world depending on the level of exposure and knowledge such country has of it.

Students studying abroad tend to learn of the technological ideas of their host country other than any other thing and when they return to their home country there is this urge to have things done same way or at least improved to look like what they had abroad and this urge leads to improvement in Local technology on the long run.

Below is a list of the major reasons on how education improves local technology.

  1. Show Lag in Local Technology
    Students who studied abroad tend to identify lags in local technology much easier on return to their home country.

    Imagine using a 4G free Wi-Fi on campus abroad only to return to your home country after your studies to notice that they are still operating the 2G network and that you can’t even find public Wi-Fi anywhere.

    Imaging using an electric grater to grind things faster, easier and smoother abroad only to return to your home country to find out that electric graters are nowhere to be found and power supply is just about 4 hours in a week.

  2. Increase the Push for a better Technology in less Developed Countries
    When you have experienced all these, you sure would want to join force or maybe start the push for improvement in all affected quarters and you personally in your own capacity would want to provide improvement to at least your immediate community to the level you can.

    This in turn results to greater improvement in the initial local technology your community operated in.

  3. Introduce Good Technological Ideas to Developing Countries
    With your knowledge of how things are done abroad and how advanced technologies have gone, you would be able to give good technological ideas to your community and in turn to your country if you would ever be given such chance or you in any way grab it by chance.

If you visit study abroad blogs like, you will notice that students are advised to try their best if possible to study abroad even if it just for a random certificate course that would take only few months. This would help them learn about how other countries do things and also have relationship with their international students’ counterparts.

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