Google’s Global Coding Competition.

Google's Global Coding Competition.
Google's Global Coding Competition.

Google’s longest running global coding competition, Code Jam, calls on programmers around the world to solve challenging, algorithmic puzzles against the clock. 

This year’s edition will kick off with the first round taking place from Midnight on April 6 and end at 3am on April 7. In round three, you will compete for the championship title and a cash prize of $15,000.
Contestants advance through four online-hosted rounds to compete at the annual Code Jam World Finals that is held at a different international Google office each year. 

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Each round brings new challenges and in the end 25 contestants will have the ultimate chance to put their skills to the test, vying for cash prizes and the coveted championship title at the World Finals. Here is an example of a question you can face at the Code Jam.

We are thinking of an integer P within the range (A,B] — that is, A < P ≤ B. You have N tries to guess our number. After each guess that is not correct, we will tell you whether P is higher or lower than your guess.
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